Meet the team

Rick Frazier

My hunting career started as small child in the woods with my father, him teaching me how to stalk and how to walk quietly during the stalk. Then how to spot a squirrel and how to fool him from one side to the other. By 8 years old I was carrying my own weapon. I took my first deer as a 8 yr old with old 30-30 saddle gun, and I still remember that cold rainy November morning. Since then I have traveled to 11 different country’s in search of trophy’s, and have never lost the desire to be outdoors and the pursuit of the chase or stalk. I hunt trophy type animals only I do not kill for fun, as a conservationist I take only mature animals that have served there purpose in the breeding pool. I recently darted a rhino and I got the greatest satisfaction from that hunt as any I have done before. The fact that rhino still walks and someone else gets to experience that thrill makes me feel good. We are meat eaters in my house and all of our trophies are put to the table either here at home or whatever country we are hunting in. It’s imperative that if you take a trophy you must respect it by using all. Hunting has become my life. I live to hunt and I work hard to afford it. I have hundreds of memories and stories from each adventure over the last 47 years in the field, those cannot be measured in money but only in those fond memories of the past plus the dreams of the future one’s yet to come.

Carla Frazier

20 plus years ago I didn’t know anything about hunting or much less had ever shot a gun. However with some lessons from my husband I became proficient quickly. I started hunting mainly because my husband was addicted to it and if I was going to see him in the fall I figured I better start. We have seen lots of places and met lots of people in several countries. When I started it was his dreams we were chasing I think but as time went on I realized it was the chase that kept me ongoing. To push yourself physically, mentally, and your nerves, was just a part of the excitement but the chase was the driving force, and it still is.