2020 – The BEST Season yet!

2019 New Zealand Hunting Trip

Hi folks. I've just completed a trip to New Zealand. We had great fun hunting with Alpine Hunting. I managed to get an excellent Sitka deer and a white Red Stag at last. Carla got a great Red Stag. Mark harvested a South Pacific Whitetail, ..... the list goes on. Check out the video teaser of our trip.

Episode 1 Preview

Welcome to Real Hunts and Real stories. I am so excited to bring you folks a TV show of an amazing trip to South Africa. This is just the first part and I promise there is much more to come over the next few weeks. We start with Springbuck, but the anticipation of a Rhino hunt is building.

To hunt a Rhino at close range with only a dart gun between you and him raises the blood flow and heart rate a bunch! A GREEN Rhino hunt says so much for conservation and the survival of the species. The pressure of poaching the Rhino is immense and, without us as hunters, they would be wiped out. The money we spend finances anti-poaching units all over Africa. The US fish and game, if they want to meddle in other countries, should sanction China and all the rest of Asian countries that are financing these poaching operations and go after them with all they have. Those countries pay USD10,000-15,000 for that horn and they leave the Rhino to decay in the sunshine and to be devoured by vultures. They do all of this for aphrodisiacs, when Viagra or Cialis would do the same and the Rhino could flourish.

Watch this show that is full of information on conservation and the plight of the Rhino.

Folks we just got back from Kodiak Island, Alaska. What a paradise! I reckon me and the cameraman second-guessed ourselves on this one. This goat hunt was the toughest hunt that my nearly 60-year old butt has ever done. When this airs, you should know that there was much sacrifice between cameraman Gert and myself, to bring this to you.  We slept out in the freezing rain in spike camp high up in the mountains, we clawed our way  to the top of the mountain, we came down in the dark, we even had a bear visit us at base camp one night. Folks, this is one hell of a country, truly beautiful, but Alaska does not give up its trophies easily …. that much we found out! There will be one goat hunt, and one only for Rick Frazier!

Kodiak Island

Latest News

An here’s just a little bit of what’s still to come. I also made a trip to Zimbabwe where I did a depredation Elephant hunt. Now, Zimbabwe is a poor country, and to survive, the locals very much has to depend on their small crops. Not having capital to buy expensive agricultural machinery, they can only cultivate relatively small patches of land.

Unfortunately, Elephants are numerous, and although most of them stay in the huge national park areas, there are the occasional trouble-makers that raid the crops, causing famine and hardship for the farmers. One Elephant takes only one night to ruin a crop that has taken 6 months to grow, with all the back-breaking labor this style of agriculture entails going to waste.

I bought a tag for a depredation hunt, and, the neat thing is, that I don’t get to take anything home. No trophy, only memories. But, what I can tell you is, that the money I paid to do this hunt, goes directly towards better game management strategy, paying for game wardens, paying for the upkeep of parks, paying for the cost of anti-poaching patrolling, paying for ….. the list is endless in a country crippled by poverty.

This is REAL conservation and I am proud to make a difference!

I have just returned from a trip to Tanzania where I hunted Buffalo, Hippo and Leopard. Below is a sneak preview of the trip.


Meet the team

Mark Sprengel

Started hunting in 1968 for deer on public ground. Hunted for deer, elk, upland birds on public ground till early 2000 …. read more

Carla Frazier

20 plus years ago I didn’t know anything about hunting or much less had ever shot a gun. However with some lessons from my husband … read more

Rick Frazier

Rick’s hunting career started as small child in the woods with his father, him teaching me how to stalk and how to walk …. read more

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